Various kinds of t-shirt printing methods

T-shirts come in a variety of designs and colours. As a result, it has turned out to be much easier to discover attractive and diverse of t-shirts in the market today. And when you are young you try to collect as many t-shirts as you can. When it comes to the t-shirt printing types, one can find several types of printing. The types range from modern, traditional, to the customized types. If you are looking to purchase a t-shirt, you have to be determined regarding what type you need. Galaxy Digital Printing is one of the reputed companies when it comes to Customized T-shirts Printing in Delhi

Modern Digital Printing
Modern printing is the new age printing where the print is directly done on the garment. This is a relatively new concept and works more or less like an inkjet printer. These prints are durable and can be customized in any manner. If you are looking for shades or gradients or any sort of artwork, it can be easily copied on your t-shirts. These give off a professional finishing.

Traditional Screen Printing
According to many people, traditional screen printing is known to be one of the best types of printing. This conventional printing is done via holding a screen in the place and creating a template or a stencil effect. These can be availed in low rate and printing is speedy to print similar designs several times. Moreover, the printing quality is commendable.

Customized Printing
One can purchase t-shirts as per their desire with customized printing. The specialized machines used for the process of printing can print your name, logo or even your face if you wish to.
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