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Polo T Shirt Manufacturers in Kanpur

Polo t-shirt is basically the form of t-shirt which has a collar just like a shirt along with a placket neckline and two or three buttons. You will find the trendiest t-shirt in the market of the t-shirt in Kanpur. Polo t-shirt has an optional pocket if you want you can get that too and these are short sleeved.


Polo t-shirt is originally used by polo player in the past. Polo t-shirts have a collar which looks alike shirt and we, polo t-shirt suppliers in Kanpur have the most versatile collection for every age group and we offer almost every colour just to meet your desire.


You can have different materials for polo t-shirt. Though we, polo t-shirt wholesalers in Kanpur use cotton blend material. And if you want we can customise your t-shirt along with the material and the colour of your choice.

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